Could You Be My Match?


When I sat down with first time director Maddie Gatabaki to talk about her charity project in support of ACLT, I was not prepared for her to tell me the very personal story behind her passion for the cause. Maddie had made a promise to her friend Kevin Kararwa that she would do something to help raise the profile of the charity that was fighting against the odds to help BAME patients combat Leukemia. He succumbed to the illness before his sixteenth birthday and Maddie was true to her word: She wrote a film and raised money to bring it to life.  I knew that if I leveraged my network and called in as many favours as were needed, we could amplify the budget and bring her clever script to the next level. I was later honored to meet with ACLT’s founders Beverley De-Gale and Orin Lewis and I could not have been more pleased with their reaction to the film.

Writer and Director: Maddie Gatabaki
Narrator: Colin Salmon
Client: ACLT
Producers: Maddie Gatabaki & Jordan Cushing