Jess Bryant - "In Deepest Blue" (Official Video)


The official video for Jess Bryant's 'In Deepest Blue' from her album 'Silvern.'  Inspired in part by the boat sequence from 'Night of the Hunter,' the director seeks to invoke a dream state that is simultaneously theatrical and real.

Jess Bryant
Andy Grieve
Francis Booth
Andrew Hayes

Film Director & Producer: Gavin Toomey
Cinematographer: Jordan Cushing
Editor: Natasha Wilkinson
Coordinator: Mary Andes
Stylist: Sajjad Paxtzisimeonidis
Make Up & Hair: Ash Mua
Production Company: Beautiful Train Ltd.

With thanks to;
Alan and Deborah Mearns
Mark & Luke at the Boathouse
Natalie Harvey & Ossie Simpson