Mr. Porter & Johnnie Walker - The Gentlemen's Wager series


Mr. Porter and Johnnie Walker Blue Label collaborated on a series of films premised on the Gentlemen's Wager.

The Gentlemen's Wager No.1 The Drumbeat
In multi-instrumentalist Mr Tom Vek and session drummer and model Mr William Granville Taylor, MR PORTER has found two gentlemen willing to stake their thirst for a thrilling experience on the bounce of hickory sticks upon snare, bass and cymbals. Nothing so uncouth as money is wagered - the spoils in this contest are to be found in the richness of the experience and the testing of one's talents. Mr Taylor, dressed in an elegant midnight blue suit and white shirt, certainly has the drumming pedigree (and the moustache) to boot, and yet Mr Vek's linen blazer (note the competitive rolled up sleeves) hints at a man who is supremely confident. Who will blink first? Watch the film to find out.

The Gentlemen's Wager No.2 The Model Aeroplane
On most days, father and son design duo, Messrs Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford work in consort creating clothing that beautifully blends great British sartorial history with great British subcultures. Since the master took on the pupil, the Casely-Hayford brand has afforded many an accolade. The former's design experience and long-accumulated credentials combined with the latter's contemporary vision and innovation makes them a formidable force. Yet today is not most days. Instead the pair find themselves embarking on an exciting voyage into an unknown experience. Who can build the finest model aeroplane? The playing field is even. There is no master and no pupil in this challenge, only two men eager to put to the test their respective wits and talents. Will fatherly wisdom prevail or will boyish exuberance push them both to new heights?

Prod: Across The Pond
Dir: Ikena Mokwe
Client: Mr Porter, Johnnie Walker Blue Label